Music From Another Star

Did you know I write music and sing songs? Like pleasant sounds put into some form of coherent melody? Because it's true and I do.

If you go on my Soundcloud you can hear and download my music. All for free.  That's right, you can download my music without any currency or galactic credits being exchanged.

So please listen, download, remix, or serenade your most hated enemies, as per your personal preference.

About Me

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This introduction is supposed to let you know that you have found the correct Caleb. 

I am here to tell that your search is over. I am indeed the correct Caleb for any given situation. Parties, hunter-gatherings, long walks on the beach, shindigs, guest appearances, and so much more. I am an multi-purpose Caleb guaranteed to impress friends and influence your uncle.

I also write stuff online.