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The Little Mermaid Isn't So Little - Excerpts from "Making Ariel Sing: An Erotic Novel"

Warning: This content is strictly adult but is recommended for readers of all ages because business is slow. Childhoods may be ruined by reading this material. You were warned.

Making Ariel Sing: An Erotic Novelisation of The Little Mermaid

Chapter 1: The Looking

Ariel looked at Prince Eric with a longing gaze, her clam shells heaving in time with her heavy breaths. The prince's piercing blue eyes and warming smile indicated the sensitive soul that lingered beneath his cock-sure sailor demeanor and rippling muscles that bulged under his simple white shirt. This sensitivity was also indicated by the way he talked about the sea and how deep it was to his manservant, Gumby. "He's so deep like that," thought Ariel. "If only he would be deep like that in me", she mouthed aloud cheekily. She then blushed at the thought forming in her head, of slowly laying her eggs for Eric to swim around and fertilize, her tail wrapped around him as their tongues met in each others mouths, Eric gasping for air... If only, she thought wistfully.

Chapter 3: Stormy Seduction

The storm struck hard and ferociously, rocking Eric's boat like laundry in the dryer- with a warm embrace and static in the air. Tossed overboard, the handsome swashbuckling prince wrestled with the burly waves and surging undercurrent as Ariel watched in aroused amazement and concern. Knocked unconscious despite his valiant, and sexy, effort against the power of the storm, Eric sank gently like a descending snowflake to his watery death, his mouth full and his body limp. Distraught at his limp figure, Arial raced to save the embodiment of her lustful fantasy.
And got a little backdoor action while he was out.

Flipping her tail vigorously to drag the comatose prince to safety, Ariel couldn't help but notice the firmness of his body at her touch. She felt a tingling sensation in her fin. "No time to think about that right now," she scolded herself, growing increasingly aware of the pleasing feeling spreading throughout her body. Ariel and Eric broke through the ocean's surface with a splash equal parts pain and pleasure. The cold air slapped her skin as though punishing a naughty schoolgirl. Once on the beach, Ariel dragged the still lifeless prince on the sand. Panting, with her tail exhausted from the exertion, Ariel again noticed Eric's dashing good looks and ripped body.
Somebody's got their rape face on.

Her prince in her arms, Ariel sang seductively of the impulses that drove her to want to leave her underwater kingdom for the hunky piece of human that captivated her so, and who was even now all but dead to the world.
"I don't know when,
I don't know how,
But I know something's hardening right now!"

With more willpower than she thought possible, Ariel wrenched herself away from the object of her deepest desires, who was only now starting to stir at her sultry voice and the double entendre of her lyrics. His mouth muttered half-words like "beaut". and "e-ful", while his manhood was clearly visible against the tight restriction of his soaked pants. As she waded into the water, Eric's dog Max came bouncing down the beach, catching sight of Ariel as she dove beneath the waves.
Even Max can appreciate a fine piece of tail.

Chapter 4: Sebastian Is A Prude

Flushed with success and arousal after her exhilarating, yet one-sided, adventure with the dashing prince, Ariel was determined to see him again, hopefully while he was conscious. However, Sebastian the crab's archaic prejudges cannot abide this cross-species relationship to develop any further, and in an effort to dissuade her, breaks into a whole song and dance about why it can't work out. Unfortunately, his words fall on deaf ears as Ariel's libido cannot be contained.

"What do you mean it's 'better down where it's wetter' when you're a human?" - Sebastian

Chapter 7: "Trading My Voice for Legs Is No Choice At All"

Distraught after her confrontation with her fascist father, Triton, who forbid her from seeing Eric, and wishing more than anything to feel the caress of her human lover, Ariel visits that drag queen supreme of the seven seas, Ursula.

It's tough being this divine.

Imploring Ursula's good nature and empathy, Ariel tells Ursula of her wish to be human and do human things with Prince Eric that she just can't accomplish with a tail and fins. All too understanding of her plight, the voluptuous Ursula gently strokes Ariel's face with one of her tentacles.
"I may leak some ink, darling. Pay it no mind," the flamboyant sea-witch emphatically informed the mermaid, her eye-lashes aflutter. "But darling it's simple, I'll just turn you into a human," she suggested with a smile. To Ariel's obvious gratitude, apparent in her agape mouth, she replied, "It's nothing, no sweat, however although I'm the best, there is a price."
"But I don't..." began Ariel in a worried tone before Ursula drew her close to her ample bosom and said, "Well, it's more like a gift, a exchange of sorts. It's not something you'll miss, just your voice."
"My voice but how can I...?" Ariel left the question open like her sister Arista on Mardi Gras.
"You'll have your looks, your pretty face. And don't underestimate the importance of body language, ha!"
"I don't understand what you mean," Ariel interjected hesitantly.

Oh, honey, [Sings]:
The men up there don't like a lot of blabber,
They think a girl who gossips is a bore!
Yet on land, it's much preferred for ladies not to say a word,
When after all dear, what they want is a whore.

Chapter 8: Legs

Following her transformation, Ariel struggled with a pain in her lungs she never felt before. Air! She needed it almost as much as she needed Eric's body pressed against hers. After swimming upwards to the shore, Ariel gasped as air filled her. Once she caught her breath, she marveled at her new legs. Not as scaly as her tail to be sure, but quite smooth nevertheless. She hope that was what human boys liked, although she recalled that the humans she had seen did grow hair on their legs. She hoped she wouldn't be looked upon as a freak for not having hair on her legs.

"Fuck. I might as well as stayed with the tail than be a hairless monstrosity."

Chapter 9: The Courtship

Prince Eric and Ariel locked eyes, their hands intertwined. Ariel was slightly confused as she felt the tingling sensation she used to get in her fin in what she learnt was called her crotch. The new location of the sensation did not diminish the desire she had for the Adonis of a sailor before her. Luckily, her lack of voice was proving little more than a minor speed bump in terms of communicating with the strapping prince.
"Don't worry, your inability to talk won't get in the way of what I have planned for your mouth." - Eric

Read the full book upon release. Pre-orders available now.

Disclaimer: These are excerpts from the forthcoming erotic novel based on Walt Disney's adaption of the tale of The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson. Any likeness to characters from the movie owned by Disney is completely intentional and totally done on purpose for the purposes of parody.


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