Friday, 27 March 2015

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Hello there internet and welcome to my pitiful excuse for why I haven't written a blog post for this week.

Essentially I had writer's block for most of the week and couldn't think of anything to write on until I came up with something to write about a couple of days ago.

However, because of life stuff like actually going out and interacting with people in the real world, and since the topic I've decided to write about is one that deserves some time and research into it so I didn't want to bash it out slapdash in a couple of hours or something, I decided to put off writing it until next week.

I know you're all bitterly disappointed in me. I know, I am too. I'm the worst. Like, literally the worst. Sorry about that, I guess. But I really didn't want to do an half-arsed job on the topic I came up with. I would much prefer doing a full-arsed job like I usually do.

I hope you can all wait patiently for next week but considering this is the internet that is probably impossible and naught but an idle fantasy.

But there will be post next week and it will be well-researched with lots of shiny flashing lights so look out for that and remember, if you want to lynch me for not meeting my weekly deadline, I'm pretty busy but I could probably squeeze you in for Monday afternoon.

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