Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Announcement from Another Star: The Kaufman Musings

As some of you might have noticed, on Friday I published my first post since my hiatus at the end of last year. Well, after some time off gaining XP from not doing anything a lot, I've finally have leveled up enough to get back to my writing and have a couple of things I'm working on which is exciting.

First thing I'd like to announce is the next series of Musings. Following the release of his latest film Anomalisa, I've decided to do a review of each movie written by Charlie Kaufman. In reverse chronological order of course, because why not. This might be followed by another similar series focusing on a specific writer/director/actor/character/entity or it might not. All will be announce at a later date.

The other thing I want to announce is that I'm writing a short novel! A science fiction comedy called The Zeppulian. It's about these two friends Zo and Qin who steal the the fastest ship in the galaxy, a ship with a navigation drive so advanced it can find places you weren't even looking for. The ship also has the coordinates for the fable lost planet, a planet so lost no one knows its name or why it's even lost. Problem is, they have no idea how to pilot it aside from taking off and going straight.

I've often come up with random story ideas which I never see through past the "okay, the basic idea is this..." phase. But I've decided to actually commit to this one since I like the idea and thought I might as well. It's still in the early stages and I'm still writing it while working on how to distribute it but I'll keep everyone updated on its progress.

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