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You're Just Jealous You Don't Have An Arrow on Your Head

Avatar: The Last Airbender (aka Legend of Aang in some places) is one of my favourite shows ever. Note, I didn't say my favourite animated show, or favourite kids show. It is one of my favourite shows ever, period. The feels I have felt watching that show are more feely than any emotional attachment I have felt to probably any other show, that's including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Doctor Who. I missed it on when it came on TV, catching maybe an episode here or there, unaware of its greatness. When I finally watched it all the way through for the first time, I realised I had never laughed as much, cried as much, or been wowed as much, as I had watching this anime inspired cartoon by Nickelodeon.

I know it is late in the game to be harping on about this show since it has been off the air for like 5 years or whatever, but I have recently watching it again with my girlfriend, and we only have five episodes left, and all I feel is a sadness that it will end soon. Because I love this show.Which brings me to the topic of this blog post: Aang is not bald.

I realise I just heard an audible gasp from across the digital matrix as the members of the audience who actually have a passing knowledge of the show stare in disbelief at their computer screens, whilst the rest of you are probably shrugging in indifference and trying to remember which one was Aank or Anga or whatever name I wrote above. But it is true. Aang is not bald.

Here is Aang:

"Hi there."

Note the blue arrow on his forehead? That's the tattoos he received on becoming an Airbender Master.

Here's Aang being badass, just cause:
Yep, just gonna leave this up here.

See how his tattoos and eyes have lit up, while he simultaneously bending the four elements like a boss? That means he is in the Avatar State, basically meaning that he is in an asskicking mood and you should probably not mention the fact his 7 tonne flying bison is overweight.

I hope you feel bad for calling him fat when he is just so adorable. Not to mention he is the last of his kind and a fucking flying bison, as in a bison that flies. In the air. You should feel terrible about yourself right about now.

But in all the above the pictures we see Aang's bald head, proudly displaying his killer ink. And thus, we feel bad for the 12 year old suffering from early onset male pattern baldness, until season 3 happens and we see this:
Aang sporting hair. As in actual, 'I'm-not-balding-at-all-I-just-like-to-shave-my-head-to-show-off-my-tats-and-look-badass' hair.

This new-found revelation inevitably causes some contention in camp Avatar as Aang's friends try to reconcile the fact the hairless wonder they thought they knew and loved is not as hairless as they originally thought, and if he had kept this from them, what other secrets could he be hiding?

We can see the tension that his hair has wrought on Katara and Aang's relationship in this picture here:
Unable to face her, Aang looks away ashamed whilst Katara wants to reach out but can't, since she is too mesmerised by the presence of hair on the back of Aang's head.

However, as the season progresses and his hair grows longer, Aang grows increasingly anxious about the hair on his head and the way in which he has been ostracise by his friends due to his head full of hair leading to a breakdown:

Realising that he will never be accepted with flowing gorgeous locks, Aang resolves to shave his head once more, removing the erroneous hair. After this, Aang and his friends promptly pretend that it never happened.

It never happened.


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