Saturday, 28 December 2013

Robin Laid An Egg (It Was Served Well Done)

Batman is often talked about as a loner, a solitary dark crusader who eschews company instead surrounding himself in shadow and participating in gravel eating contests. 

"CRIMINALS EVERYWHERE WILL FEAR MY GRAVELLY VOICE..." - "I don't know, I swear to God." - SWEARTOME!" - "Sorry, what?" - "DAMMIT."

However, this perception of Batman totally neglects the fact Batman has rarely ever been alone in his history and has a whole extended Bat-family. 

Everyone forgets Ace the Bat-Hound.

From 1940 onwards, Batman has fought crime as a member of the Dynamic Duo with his ward, Robin the Boy Wonder. 

In the 1940s it was totally cool to make a young child swear an undying oath to fight crime and corruption.

Dressed up in bright primary colours of red and green, and sporting ever fashionable pixie boots, Robin serves as a lively counterpart to the brooding Dark Knight. Additionally, because of his bright plumage and acrobatic skill, he is useful as a target for criminals to distract them from the Batman's attacks, bouncing about in tactically eye-catching attire. 

Wouldn't you be at least mildly distracted if this boy was prancing about all around you?

However, Robin is not only an effective means of distracting his enemies for Batman, he is also often the one that makes sure that the Dark Knight doesn't go too, well, dark, and lose himself totally in the fight against crime, possibly crossing his moral code and becoming that which he hates. Essentially, Robin acts to mellow Batman out through levity and humour while serving as his moral compass.

Sometimes a moral compass that points a little south.

There have been several different Robins over time, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown and Damian Wayne, 

Collectively known as the Rockin' Robins.

All of whom have brought something different to compliment the World's Greatest Detective, from Grayson's jovial nature,


To Jason's death,
"Just more guilt to add to my crippling inability to cope with the violent death of a loved one in any other way than by donning a bat costume and fighting crime."

Tim's detective skill and empathy, figuring out who Batman was and realising he needs a Robin to act as his moral centre,

Coincidentally, Batman gets schooled by Alfred here.

Stephanie's enthusiasm,

And look at her go, the spry little thing.

And the total lack of fucks Damian has to give,
"Whatevz, I'm gonna steal your motorbike too, BTW."

Regardless of which Robin is currently sporting the green and red plumage, Robin is Batman's crime-fighting partner, united in their quest to end corruption and vanguish evil, as well as their mutual hatred of Christmas carols. 

Those kids had it coming.


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